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Meet The Team

Tobi Arayomi


Nicola Arayomi

Co - Founder

Freditta Apeagyei

Chief of Operations (COO)

Light Foundation facilitates an environment for human development. It meets young people at the point of their aspirations and challenges them to birth purpose.

Mandy Anukam

Programme Director

Light Foundation fosters the development of diverse people in all areas of life. Through pioneering the socio-economic advancement of young people; Light Foundation brings a future-focused vision into present day realities.

Ife Olu

Bidding procurement manager

This is a charity that not only provides solutions but empowers people to be the solution to deal with various issues in our society by reforming and transforming lives to their full potential

Alika Lee Crandon

Relationships Manager and Administrator

I really love the values that Light Foundation have because there are important conversations and strategies to solve issues at the heart of the community. As for myself, I hope to bring assurance of the smooth running of the projects. Helping to ensure that the background on the runnings of the organisation don't disturb the vision at large. 

Fola Coker

Legal and Compliance

A new mindset, a change of perspective serves as a breeding ground for innovation. Light Foundation is here to provide a platform for individuals to jump leaps and bounds from where they once stood. By working together and working with you we can move leaps and bounds and make great changes to our local community and your world.


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