About Us

About Light Foundation

We are a grassroot charity based in London, dedicated to tackling social issues in the community, and increasing opportunities for individuals to unlock their best potential.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, Loving communities; Serving individuals and Reforming lives. Our aim is for society to be reformed through a harmonious cooperation amongst the seven spheres of influence: Family, Government, Education, Business, Arts & Entertainment, Media and Religion.


Love the Homeless

Here at light foundation, we value the community by running projects such as Love The Homeless, so that we can get involved with the community first hand and ask the residents what changes they wish to to see and why. Then through these projects, we collect data and use it to find how we can better serve.

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Love  Serve  Reform

Light Foundation is dedicated to giving back to the community. We recognise that interacting in someone's life, in even a small way, can greatly impact how the quality of one’s life. As the foundation of the team has interacted with East London, as a member of the community or else,  we’re able to navigate and identify ways that the community can be improved. Whether that be through classes, projects or going into schools- we are here to serve.