New Three Year Practitioner Programme

“Ling Chi energy harnesses pure, strong, universal Chi, Compassion and Light to heal all levels of our being”

“The Ling Chi has been a wonderful opportunity to start developing my spiritual journey and to be able to prepare myself to facilitate the healing of others.”
Soledad, London

LING: Purity, Spiritual Transcendence

CHI: Life Force, Breath, Subtle Energy

Ling Chi Healing Art™ is a combination of various earth forces, heavenly forces and human forces that assist and speed up our natural healing process, personal empowerment and spiritual awakening. The core aim of Ling Chi healing is to bring perfect health, harmony and empowerment to our fellow human beings and to our planet.

Ling Chi practitioners use a unique blend of Infinite Tai Chi & Infinite Chi Kung moves to open up their energy channels, and Ling Chi Meditation to train their minds to be still and receptive to higher healing forces of love, peace and light.

The inspired Ling Chi healer becomes a pure, strong channel for healing to occur naturally in themselves, their clients and the world around them.

Virtually every human being on this planet is suffering because we are all separated from our Source. We all urgently need deep healing, so that we may return to our natural state of being that is pure Love and Light.

If you are inspired to heal yourself so that you may contribute to the healing of our beautiful planet, this course is for you.

To become a genuine healer you must first heal yourself. Service through healing is a noble path. Ling Chi training, based on developing your own natural inner qualities, will not only assist you to attain fulfilment through genuine service to others, it will also release your potential for complete liberation or ‘enlightenment’ this lifetime.

“The Ling Chi has helped me to heal so many fears and wounds from the past-both from this lifetime and from past lifetimes.  I now know I am on my journey home at last.  
I have met wonderful souls and had so much love it has felt overwhelming.  I approach everything with as much love, compassion and forgiveness as I can.”
Carole, West Yorkshire

Key Aims of The Course

This three year Ling Chi Healing Art™ programme focuses on bringing you into contact with higher energies (Ling Chi) and experiencing and anchoring them in your energy field. You will also be guided to open up to the universal qualities of love and compassion and to the wholeness of Life. This course is designed to assist you in awakening to your own inner beauty, grace, strength, wisdom and understanding. Selfless service to others is at the core of all our Ling Chi healing practices. The fundamental understanding on which this training course is based is that true healers need first and foremost to heal themselves.

Deep healing on all levels of our being can only result when awakening occurs in conjunction with self-empowerment, wisdom and compassion. These are the direct results of self-discovery through spiritual study, contemplation, meditation, purity of heart, devotion, respect, gratitude and expansion of consciousness. This three year intensive course aims to assist student to attain:

– A Vibrant Physical Body

– A Pure Loving Heart

– An Open Creative Mind

Ling Chi Healing Art

Year One

Year one of the course will focus primarily on strengthening your physical and energetic systems. You will be assisted to open, balance and heal your chakras and your meridians. You will be guided to open up your heart and to still and open your mind. You will learn about the deeper causes of illness and disease and the nature of Ling Chi Healing. You will be shown some basic Ling Chi Healing techniques including sweeping, clearing, balancing, nurturing and strengthening and will practise these techniques on yourself and other members of the course.

Year Two

Year two of the course will guide you to heal, empower and purify yourself. You will also learn how to join with healing clients soul to soul, heart to heart and mind to mind. You will also be shown how to protect yourself from the negative forces of diseases such as cancer.

Year Three

In year three you will be shown how to assist those with more serious illnesses, including the terminally ill. You will also be guided to go deeper to heal more of your own inner darkness. Finally, you will be shown how to connect to higher Masters and other higher healing forces.

Though the cultivation of pure Chi and inner qualities including true love and compassion, a radiant healing presence will eventually shine through your auric/energy field. In deep Ling Chi meditations you will assimilate  unconditional love and light to open your heart and mind to the highest levels of healing and awakening.

Course Content

Wholesome Exercise

Ling Chi students will become empowered through wholesome Infinite Chi Kung exercises to begin to master the vital life force (positive vibrant Chi) that flows through all living things. This life force will help you to activate your body’s natural ability to heal itself, releasing blocked energies, cleansing the body of toxins, and working to achieve a state of balance and grace.

Ling Chi Meditation

Internal work – The potential of Ling Chi Meditation is truly staggering. First, you will learn to relax your body, calm your emotions and still your mind. Gradually your heart will open to heal the past and bless the present. During the course Jason Chan will transmit breathing techniques, visualisations and mantras to each student to assist them to transform their meditation practice into a powerful healing and awakening tool.

The Cultivation of Mindfulness and Awareness

Your mind can only be truly creative when it is free. All the wholesome disciplines practised on this course will help you to free your trapped and over- busy mind. Mindfulness and awareness have to be developed. Once this has been achieved, Higher Wisdom will reveal itself to you.


We strongly emphasise that before you can heal others, you first have to heal yourself.

To be a fully effective healer, you have to be able to bring the energy of higher states of consciousness into your body and to integrate them. Eventually Ling Chi Healing will flow uninhibitedly through you so that you can become a highly effective energetic and spiritual healer.


Service through healing is a noble path. A healing path based on cultivating loving kindness, compassion, inner joy, generosity, and bravery can not only assist you to fulfil your true soul purpose this lifetime, it can also ultimately lead to complete liberation or enlightenment.

Enlightenment is to know your true Self. This is the one true purpose of human evolution: to love without condition, without hesitation, without controlling and without possessiveness. All of life strives towards this selfless love. This Ling Chi healing course is designed to speed up your own spiritual growth towards this miraculous Love and Light.

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Cancellation Policy:  If you drop out of this course for any reason, you are still liable for the full course fee for that academic year.